That Quiz is an excellent FREE site that can be used for online testing and record keeping.

Teachers register and can then set up classes. THAT QUIZ will generate a unique website for each class which students log into (using an individual password that you provide when you set them up eg their cases code). Students then complete tests that you have set up for them.

THAT QUIZ marks the tests and gives feedback to the students and maintains a record of every student's results. THAT QUIZ has a pretty good and easy to use TEST GENERATOR so you can quickly produce a test on appropriate topics and levels. THAT QUIZ also enables you to design a test from scratch in a variety of forms. Tests that have been designed by teachers all over the world are also avalaible so that you can search for a suitable test that some one else has designed and use it. THAT QUIZ is primarily designed for MATHS but as you will see it is being used by teachers in all disciplines. The link below will take you to THAT QUIZ.