The Number dimension focuses on developing students’ understanding of counting, magnitude and order. The natural (counting) numbers with zero extend to positive and negative signed whole numbers (integers) and through part-whole relations and proportions of whole numbers to the rational numbers (fractions and finite decimals or infinite recurring decimals).
Proportions of lengths involving sides and/or diagonals of right-angled triangles and rectangles and arcs of a circle lead to the introduction of certain irrational real numbers such as the square root of 2, the golden ratio //phi// and fractions or multiples of //pi//.
Principal operations for computation with number include various algorithms for addition (aggregation), subtraction (disaggregation) and the related operations of multiplication, division and exponentiation carried out mentally, by hand using written algorithms, and using calculators, spreadsheets or other numeric processors for calculation. (Source: DEECD)



Number: Themes and Progression Points 3-6
This document was derived by organising the progression points for this dimension into logical themes. (sometimes using the DEECD overview categories). Themes are in bold and progression points increase left to right. Could assist whole school planning.

Part-Part-Whole number facts 0-10 1.0-4.0 (Sep 08)
PPT based on the work of Dianne Siemon with template version for students to construct

Addition Fact Families(Oct 08)
This spreadsheet generates sets of addition and subtraction fact families. User can input values or use a random number generator

Three Addend Puzzles 1.0-5.0 (Sep 08)
Randomly generated problems adding 3 numbers or finding the missing addend 0-9 or 0-99.
Based on an activity suggested by Dianne Siemon

Multiplication rectangular factor arrays up to 12x12 (Oct 08)
This spreadsheet will automatically produce a coloured rectangular array ina 12x12 grid to match a pair of factors. The user can input factors or randomly generate one or both factors

Fact Familes Multiplication and Division 2.0-5.0
This spreadsheet to generates X and / fact families from input of two factors.

Rounding to nearest ten 2.0-4.0
Construct animated PPT to demonstrate rounding up and down. For detailed instructions on how to create this go to my blog Online Numberline maker

Factograms, Prime factors 3.0-5.0
Use organisation chart or auto shapes to develop factograms. Example here
NVLM online version for making factograms

Multiples 2.0 -5.0 new
A visual representation of multiples of 2 to 12. Students could add sound to this powerpoint by narrating times tables chants or make up ther own songs

Off By Heart 3.0-6.0 (new Sept 08)
This is a student self assessment designed to identify precisely which times tables facts students know Off by Heart. If used regularly students could maintain their own data on a spreadsheet and teachers could use the data to identify and address common difficulties.

Times Table Online actvities 3.0-5.0
Links to online tests, practice and games related to times tables

Multiplication Toss 3.0-5.0 (sep 08)
Random number generates pairs of factors. Student highlight and colour rectangle on spreadsheet to match the factor pair. (Based on idea by Dianne Siemon)

Random Number Skills Practice 2.0-6.0 (new Aug 08)
This spreedsheet uses a random number generator to produce skill based questions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Teachers can enter the numer range to include integers. This file could be useful for those with smartboards or data projectors or given to students to take home.

Tenths and Decimals on a Number Line (2.0-3.0) (Aug 09)
The example shows the animation. The template is for students to create their own.

Decimal Fractions 3.0-5.0
Animation to display relative size of decimal fractions.

Place Value: Number expander 1.0-4.0 (Sep 08)
Hide and unhide columns to reveal "hundreds', "tens", etc. See this blog entry for place value links

Place Value Powerpoint 1.0- 4.0 (May 09)
Simple animation students could construct. See Video from my blog

Lemonade stand Activity 3-4
Play lemonade stand and construct an excell record. Source COOLMATH

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of ten 3.0- 5.0 new
Do the digits move or does the decimal point move????. You decide

Integers and Order of Operations 3.0-5.5
Links to online activities roughly aligned with Progression Points

Percentages 3.5-5.5
Links to online activities roughly aligned with Progression Points

Percentages 3.0-5.0 new
A visual representation of percentages 100 hearts and a number line.

Percentages Excell Activities 3.5-5.5
A variety of sheets. Students can construct their own using these as models

Fractions -ratios 2.5-5.5
Links with screen shots to online activities related to fractions and ratios

Ratios 4.0-5.5
Links with screenshots to online activities and progression points

Fraction_Decimal_percentage 3.0-5.0
Dynamic powerpoint showing conversion processes 2/5 to 0.4 to 40%

Multiplicative Thinking 2.0-4.0
A series of sheets with different arrays of dots and rectangles to cover them.

Binary Numbers 4.0-5.0
Demonstrates binary numbers to decimals. Easy for students to construct

Binary Numbers 4.0-5.0
Construct and animated powerpoint to demonstrate binary addition. Example here

Skip Counting 2.0-3.0
Generate skip counting patterns forwards and backwards from any starting number

Skip Counting 2.0-3.0
Generate skip counting patterns using the inbuilt fill down function in excell

Square Numbers 3.0-5.0
Calculate and tabulate squares and square roots using formula. Easy to construct.

Complete Fractions 3.0-5.0 new
This ppt contains the whole suite of fraction powerpoints with an index page

Introduction To Fractions 3.0-5.0
What is a fraction finding equivalent, mixed numbers, cancelling

Adding Fractions Unlike denominators 3.0-5.0
Construct an animated PPT to explain the algorithm. See this video on how to use equation editor in powerpoint

Adding Fractions Unlike denominators 3.0 5.0 new
Animated PPT using number line to visualise process

Multilpying Fractions 3.0 -5.0
Visual and algorithmic examples of multiliplcation of Fractions

Division of Fractions 3.0-5.0
Animation to explain division of fractions

Fraction Flow Chart (Powerpoint version)
This should be used with the word document below.

Fraction Flow Chart 4.0-5.0
This document represents a flowchart process to solve any fraction problem. Also contains one page list of fractions skills with worked examples and questions for students

Fraction to Decimals 3.0-5.0
Use simple formula to convert fractions to decimals and see patterns

Integer Multiplication puzzle 5.0
Drag and drop activity based on Peter Sullivans activity

Index Notation
Spreadsheet evaluates x^n for n=1,2,3..... Introduces Scientific notation