Lilydale Heights College is trying to develop and implement a new program called LEARNING JOURNEYS. The key idea is to develop an inquiry based process built on an Essential Question. The school recently became interested in the Guy Claxton 4R's model (Resilience, Resourcefullness, Reciprocity and Reflection). We also have a need to address outcomes in the VELS domains of Personal Learning, Interpersonal Learning, ICT, Thinking Processses and Communication. It has been difficult to get people's heads around these ideas.

The documents presented below have been produced to assist teacher understanding and resource the program. Those of you interested in inquiry based learning, ways of assessing learning capacities and how to link an inquiry process to interdisciplinary domains may find them useful.

The inquiry process has been segmented into 6 phases. Questioning, Planning, Research, Analysis, Presentation and Reflection. Outcomes from the VELS interdisciplinary domains have been identified at each phase.

For a another inquiry model see Challenge Based Learning sponsored by Apple

The Teacher's Meta Journey
This document demonstrates how teacher's require the same learning capacities as students and would go through essentially the same stages of inquiry as students in developing a Learning Journey. It can be used to help teachers understand and internalise the concept.

The student's Meta Journey
This provides advice to students about the questions they need to ask at each stage of the journey process. It can be used to introduce the idea of a journey and then used as a planning document.

The Meta Journey Assessment discussion
This paper considers how teachers might use assessment in the journey process. This includes teacher assessment and student and peer assessment ideas.

Questioning and Planning Assessment rubric
This rubric relates Interdisciplinary VELS dimensions to introductory stages of the journey process.

Research and Analysis Assessment rubric
This rubric relates Interdisciplinary VELS dimensions to middle stages of the journey process

Presentation and Reflection rubric
This rubric relates Interdisciplinary VELS dimensions to the final stages of the journey process

Example Assessment Spreadsheet
This is an example of a simple spreadsheet that teachers can use to record VELS assessment for a journey

4 R's Student Self assessment Rubric
This rubric enables students to self assess against the 4R's learning cpacities over 8 sessions

VELS inquiry learning Model
This is the original template relating VELS to the Inquiry Process

Generic Assessent Rubric
This document provides a blank rubric grid and some adice on how to develop a rubric with students