Below are some resources that may help teachers engage with the E5 instructional model.

View and join the Instructional Rounds Best Practice Ning if you are looking for an active group of professionals exploring E5

E5 Issues
This paper presented to the E5 project team in December 2008. It raises a number of issues and suggestions in relation to the implementation of the E5 model

E5 Meta Practice
Uses the E5 framework to suggest questions for people designing teacher PD on E5, teachers participating and students and also connects these to VELS dimensions. One page for each E.

E5, Inquiry Model and VELS
Aligns the stages of the E5 model with the stages of an Inquiry model (see journey ) and VELS dimensions and themes

E5 and Claxtons 4 R's
Relates the 5 E's with Claxton's 4 R's of Resourcefullness, Resilience, Reciprocity and Reflection. Useful for Personal Learning. Version 2 with some colour and graphics and the 4R doc thanks to distance ed centre

High Expectations
The powerpoint was developed after reading a paper on Collective Efficacy Beliefs. The paper suggests that the key to motivatiion comes from feelings of self and collective efficacy. I have tried to apply that to teacher and student learning.

E5 Domains(Phases) and capabilities
One animated slide to show E5 phases and capabilities as per the DEECD poster. Colour matching

Engage Questions for network principals
5 questions on one page for Instructional leaders to begin engaging with the E5 project

June Conference E5 presentation
Master slide show with slides for various audiences

Elaboration on E5
This paper and PPT tries to connect the E5 model to some core beliefs and processes related to effective teaching and learning. See the image below for a quick overview.

Is E5 Linear? Yes and No