Below are some resources that may be useful for coaches

What Is Coaching?
Outlines a GAIN FAST acronym based on the Costa Garmston cognitive coaching framework. Purpose general information for teachers

What is coaching? (Coachee version)
Similar to above but directed to an existing or potential coachee

Brief explanation of purpose and possible questions at each stage of GAIN SO FAST model

Pre Session Planning Template
Goals-->Actions-->Indicators-->New learning (GAIN)

Post Session Refelection Template
Feelings-->Analysis-->Synthesis--> Transfer (FAST)

Evaluation Threat or Thought
Paper that proposes evaluation as an exercise in higher order thinking. The article analyses BLOOMS taxonomy and the 5E's model placing teachers and students in the role of learner. Purpose: encourage teachers to see (Self) evaluation and coaching in a positive light

VELS Inquiry learning and Coaching
Links the process of coaching and professional inquiry to students outcomes in VELS. Purpose: faciliate teachers making a connection between professional learning, student learning and the coaching process.